Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nendoroid Reimu-Comiket 76 Exclusive recently changed the header picture on their website to a huge version of the picture you see above and consequently Mikatan posted preview pics of Nendoroid Reimu on her blog. Reimu is the star character from Touhou Project (also known as Project Shrine Maiden) which is series of manic shooters made by Team Shanghai Alice.

Sadly though, Reimu is a Comiket 76 exclusive and short of buying a ticket to japan and queueing at Comiket, your only chance will be to buy through a proxy. Of course be prepared to pay through your nose (and other orifices) for this.

I must say though, this nendoroid is really really nice. The character design and sculpt is fantastic and the colors look really rich and coordinated.

Exclusives... hate them or love them??

Meanwhile, enjoy these pics of a VERY nice nendoroid.


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