Thursday, July 23, 2009


When I first saw pics of this, I was BLOWN away. After re-releasing repaints of Getters 1/2/3, Fewture now turns its sights on Shin Getter 1. And I must amid, it is ABSOLUTELY Stunning.
From the superbly sculpted vampire like wings, to the tons of accessories provided, all are a chogokin's fan dream. Just look at the number of combination (4) that can be achieved with the 2 guns. Also included are a huge scythe and axe to complete the picture...

But of course, all these comes with a PRICE, and a hefty one at that. Recommended retail price is also a stunning 34,800YEN (~SGD$531). Definitely NOT for the casual collector.

However, seeing that this may become a priceless treasure just like the Ryoma Black Getter. I think I will plonk down 500bucks to get my hands on one. Expected release date is Spring 2010, so there's some time to start saving :)

*28 July 09:Updated post with pics at WF2009

Till its release, look at these pics and drool away. remember to pick your jaw back up when you leave:)

Pics of Shin Getter 1 at WonderFest 2009



  1. When is this up for pre-order? Anyone know? cus i dont' see it on any website just yet.

  2. This is not open for pre-order yet.
    stay tuned here and I will post pre-order info once it is announced

  3. Did someone edit in a shade of red on to this figure? The bits I'm talking about in particular are the ones shown as white in the magazine page, and the 2 pictures after it. Though I must admit that the extra lick of red is nicer and makes the chest area look less shrunken/squished.

  4. On the Magazine page,there is a section where details of price and date are listed, and below that it says 2009 on the month of September. Is it saying that they will start recieving orders around that time or something? Oh and did anyone managed to find Fewture Shin Getter 1 on display at the summer Wonder Festival 2009 or on any websites that shows Fewture Shin Getter 1 in Wonder Fest 2009?

  5. Yep. The Shin Getter was unveiled at Wonderfest 2009. I updated the post with some pics of it at the show.

    I think that would answer the earlier question about the additional red too :)

    Cheers and enjoy

  6. OOhhhh!! VERY VERY VERY VERY NICE!!! makes my mouth drools. Can't wait to reserve one, it would be one of a kind collectable. Good thing it's due next year spring time, quite sometime until then. PS: isn't Fewture Shin Getter 1 open for pre-order? cus it says "Pre-Order" on the artstorm website. Correct me if im wrong, Thanks for the SEXY pics OHHH!

  7. Yes its very nice, i think its got to be one of the nicest Fewture mecha ever. For me, its a close fight for top spot between this and the Black Getter Ryouma ver.

    yes. it should be open for pre-order on Fewture's website for japanese pre-orders. Are you in Singapore? If so, none of the Singapore shops have this out for pre-order yet from what I know

  8. I absolutely agree with you it's a very tough decision between Black Getter Ryouma Ver. and Shin Getter 1. But hey! if you can't decide,then just put both of them on the top spot! They are both worthy of it. Once again Very Very nice!

    Nope, I am not in Singapore, i'm in Thailand, and none of the Thai shops have it open for pre-orders just yet as well, unfortunately. Does it usually takes this long for international stores to have it ready for pre-orders? Cus im not very familiar with this line. I'm a newbie, but a hardcore Newbie! considering the price of all the models released under Fewture line.

  9. True. they both qualify for the top spot. but i think i will reserve judgement till Shin getter 1 is actually out to pass the verdict :)

    Yep. it takes some time for in-country shops to confirm the number allocations each shop is getting etc. So give them some time to start the pre-orders.

    Have fun collecting :)

  10. Thanks! this site is very informative, i like it alot!

  11. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Its nice to be appreciated :)

  12. is ex gokin shin getter 1 still available in singapore? can you tell me where can i buy it?

  13. Its still not released yet.
    Fewture has pushed by the release date and it is currently scheduled to be released October 2010.

    Pre-orders have closed at most places though. You can try ng's collection at China Square 2nd floor as I believe they are still taking pre-orders, although the PO price has gone up significantly

  14. just for the sake of update,,fast forward it is now almost end of May 2011,,, news has it that this bad boy will be release 1st wk of June 2011,,,2 long years since it 1st announced....