Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bandai SOC Upcoming Releases GX-47 to GX-51 (Energer Z, Big-O, Shin Mazinger Z, Combattler V, Getter Dragon) and SDX Gundam

I've realised that I have been neglecting updates on Bandai's SOC range recently. Not that I have stopped collecting but I just didn't get around to posting. Well to make up for it.. Heres a spate of upcoming SOC releases

*Updated 26 July 09 with some latest pics of SDX gundams

GX-47 Energer Z (Mazinger True Version)
RRP:6,615 Yen Expected Release: August 09

GX-48 Big-O
RRP:13,440 Yen Expected Release: Sep 09

GX-49 True Mazinger Z (Mazinger True Version)
RRP:9,240 Yen Expected Release: Oct 2009

SOC GX-50 Combattler V
RRP:17,800 Yen Expected Release:Dec 2009

GX-51 Getter Dragon
RRP:7875 Yen Expected Release:Nov 2009

And also the next 3 SDX Gundam releases (these i like ALOT)
SDX Command Gundam
RRP:5250 yen Expected Release:August 2009
SDX Gundam Knight - Superior Dragon
RRP:6,000 Yen Expected Release: Oct / Nov 2009
SDX Berthal Knight Gundam
RRP: Expected Release: Dec 2009


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