Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Comiket 77 Coverage - Nendoroids & Figmas

I thought I would do a short coverage on the ongoing Comiket 77.
Otherwise known as the Comic Market (コミックマーケット), Comiket is the world's largest handmade comic book fair. Held twice a year in Tokyo , once in August, and once in December. These are referred to typically as Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket respectively.

The current ongoing one would be a Winter Comiket running from December 29 to 31st 2009.

This coverage will just focus on Nendoroids and Figmas.

We will of course start off with my fave.. Nendoroids :)

Black Rock Shooter nendoroid..NICE!! price and release date TBA

Azusa. K-On Fans would be so happy. Expected in May 2010.. ~nyan~
The Highly anticipated pair from Nanoha... Iam waiting for their release myself :)
Nendoroid Puchi Bakemonogatari #02
Fate Stay Night nendo petits... cute..but i still prefer full sized
"Touhou Nendoroid Petit Chapter Project" Release Date TBA Price TBA
Seems to be a gift online shop exclusive... Reimu from Touhou project
Thats a wrap for nendoroids. We move on to figmas

Figma Kirisame Marisa ..a skinny marisa lolz...expected April 2010

very nice looking Rider from Fate Stay Night. Expected in May 2010
Kagome from Inuyasha! Omg... hope they release Inuyasha himself. Love this series
Isayama Yomi from Ga-Rei -ZeroNo idea who he is.. and judging by the looks of him..dun give a crap either...lolz

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nendoroid Petit Snow Miku

Straight from Mika-tan's blog, I saw this absolutely beautiful version of Nendoroid Petit Miku. Looks like this Snow Miku will be packaged with the VOCALOID SEASON COLLECTION ~SNOW SONGS~ CD. Nendoroid petit Snow Miku will be an *Animate & Amazon Online limited item.

GSC should release official information about this soon, so stay tuned here for more details.
Too bad its a Nendoroid Petit and not a full sized (oooHhh.. oxymoron here) nendoroid. But i simply love the design of this Snow Miku and she maybe my first Nendoroid petit :)

*UPDATE : GOOD NEWS FOR ALL!!.. OTACUTE will be taking pre-orders from this starting from 4 Jan 2010 , 12pm(JST). Heard that stocks are really LIMITED.. so prepare to camp there if you want to get one :)

*Update 29 Dec 09: GSC has released official information on this Snow Songs CD and the cute Nendoroid Petit that comes with it.

Bad news is that within 3 hours of opening for pre-order on amazon japan it has SOLD OUT! I will keep my eyes open and post here in the off chance on where you can get your hands on one. Wish me Luck :)

This set of VOCALOID songs based on the theme of winter ballads have been taken from Niconico Douga. The set includes songs from doriko, who climbed up the Oricon Daily ranking charts all the way to rank 12, as well as 19's Sound Factory, who are already closing on a country-wide album release, as well as many others to make it the best collection of songs this winter.

Of course included is a newly designed Winter version of Miku's Petite Nendoroid with the color scheme designed by Mikatan.. nice design sense she has...

Only 10,000 sets will be available.

Track Listing

1) Snow Piece - 19's Sound Factory feat. Miku Hatsune
2) Winter Alice - doriko feat. Miku Hatsune
3) Hitohira no - Noripii feat. Miku Hatsune
4) Fuyu no Seiza - Captain Mirai feat.Rin Kagamine
5) Chillyditty Of February - DARS feat.KAITO
6) soundless voice - Hitoshizuku P feat.Len Kagamine
7) White Lights - Haura P feat.Miku Hatsune
8) Yuki Usagi - OSTER project feat.MEIKO
9) Kimibun - 40mP feat.Miku Hatsune
10) Tsunaida Te - mikuru396 feat.Miku Hatsune
11) Fuyu no Mahou - Studio IIG feat.Miku Hatsune
12) Fuyu no Sakura - SixteenRemix  AVTechNO! feat.Luca Megurine

Product name VOCALOID SEASON COLLECTION ~SNOW SONGS~ & Nendoroid Petite: Snow Miku Set (ぼーかろいど しーずん これくしょん ~すのー そんぐす~ ねんどろいど ぷち ゆきみく せっと)
Release Date 2010/02
Price 2000yen
Specifications CD & Petite Nendoroid Set (Limited to 10000 sets)
Sculptor Nendoroid
Colouring Design Mikatan
Sold at amazon.co.jp & animate stores
Sold by/Distributor Good Smile Company


Friday, December 25, 2009

Maxfactory - BLACK ROCK SHOOTER(Black Blade ver. ) 1/8 PVC Figure

Fans of Black Rock Shooter rejoice! Good Smile Company is going to release yet another Black Rock Shooter 1/8 PVC figure. This time they have done away with the huge gun/Rock Cannon (which was the best part imho..) and replaced it was a tiny black blade. Voila, you have BLACK ROCK SHOOTER(Black Blade ver. ) standing at 23cm tall with a rrp of 6800Yen.

The new BRS is significantly cheaper then the original BRS which had retailed for 9800Yen (3000Yen roughly translates to SGD$46).

Another notable difference is removing her jacket with her free hand and stands on a much more compact base compared to before. overall I still think the original BRS looks more"complete" and better then this version. Having Rock Cannon and wearing her jacket had added a certain flair which i feel is now lacking in BRS-Black Blade Ver. Oh well, you could settle for 2nd best if you really can't get your hands on the first i guess.

I will pass on this just like I passed on the original BRS. I'am no lolicon :)
Too bad she is so "flat" and I really prefer my females more busty. I would grab this PVC if only it was more voluptuous. Maybe they would make a 'matured version" later??? lolz.. one can hope :P

Meanwhile you can get your BRS~Blade HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: Black Blade ver. (ぶらっく★ろっくしゅーたー ぶらっくぶれーどばーじょん)
Price 6,800Yen (~SGD$104)
Release Date 2010/04
Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8th scale - approx 23cm(H)
Sculptor Akeji
Distributor Good Smile Company


Nendoroid Sanae Kochiya

Scheduled for release April 2010 is the third Nendoroid in the Touhou collection - Sanae Kotiya, the priestess of Moriya Shrine.

Sanae is sculpted wearing her blue and white priestess outfit, as well as her snake and a frog-shaped trademark hair accessories. I like the print pattern on her skirt and colors of this nendoroid. This nendoroid comes with a standard face, a smiling face and a totally kawaii worried face . Also included is her wand(stick???) that Mikos use to complete the picture.

Just like the other Touhou Nendoroid, this nendoroid is limited to be sold in the selected
stores. A bit more trouble to get your hands on one, but considering how cute Sanae is... Well worth the effort :)

Or you can get yours HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name Nendoroid Sanae Kochiya (ねんどろいど こちやさなえ)
Touhou Project
Release Date
Painted ABS&PVC posable figure - not to scale - stand included - approx 10cm(H)
Yaruo (LAUGH)
Sculpting Assistance

MaxFactory Figma Ga-Rei: Zero - Kagura Tsuchimiya

MaxFactory is going to release a Figma of the heroine of the popular anime Ga-Rei: Zero , Kagura Tsuchimiya. Scheduled for release April 2010 at a rrp of 2800Yen this figma has been long anticipated by Ga-Rei:Zero fans.

This figma comes with 3 faces (normal face, shouting face and laughing face), a cellphone and various hand parks to hold it. Weapons include 'Michael #12' is included, as well as the weapon used in the last episode, Dokkosho.

This figma would be just another jap schoolgirl in her uniform if not for the included chain parts that can be attached to 'Michael #12' allowing recreation of various action scenes. Though just a simple chain, it does add a certain "oophm" factor to this Figma.

With quite a nice character design , a big sword and the chain to round it off... This Figma might be worth getting.

You can get yours HERE at PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name figma Kagura Tsuchimiya (ふぃぐま つちみやかぐら)
Series Ga-Rei: Zero
Price 2,800Yen (~SGD$43)
Release Date 2010/04
Specifications Painted ABS&PVC posable figure - not to scale - approx 13.5cm(H)
Sculptor Masaki Asai - Max Factory
Sold by Max Factory
Distributor Good Smile Company