Monday, December 21, 2009

Alter Saki - Yuki Kataoka 1/8 PVC Figure

From Saki the anime/manga series revolving the competitive world of mahjong, comes a PVC figure of Yuki Kataoka a a member of the mahjong club. I have been wanting to watch this anime for some time as I am a mahjong fan myself, unfortunately I never got around to it.

Yuki comes with the Cat-Snake Seamy and her favourite food taco and a taco paper bad as accessories. The facial expression and pose of this figure catches a lively, bouncy girl image nicely. Coupled with the white and baby blue uniform the figure just screams FRESH... :)

perhaps this will appeal to lolicons or fans of the Saki series, but to me its just a young girl in jap school uniform. Pass for me :P I prefer my females more "mature" and with bigger.... eyes... :)

Item name : Yuki Kataoka

Original : Saki

Dimensions : 1/8 scale, approx height 18cm(H)

Specifications:Pre-painted PVC Figure
Release Date : May 2010
Price : 6800Yen (~SGD$104)
Sculpted by: Eriko (Kogyo new house)


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