Monday, December 28, 2009

Nendoroid Petit Snow Miku

Straight from Mika-tan's blog, I saw this absolutely beautiful version of Nendoroid Petit Miku. Looks like this Snow Miku will be packaged with the VOCALOID SEASON COLLECTION ~SNOW SONGS~ CD. Nendoroid petit Snow Miku will be an *Animate & Amazon Online limited item.

GSC should release official information about this soon, so stay tuned here for more details.
Too bad its a Nendoroid Petit and not a full sized (oooHhh.. oxymoron here) nendoroid. But i simply love the design of this Snow Miku and she maybe my first Nendoroid petit :)

*UPDATE : GOOD NEWS FOR ALL!!.. OTACUTE will be taking pre-orders from this starting from 4 Jan 2010 , 12pm(JST). Heard that stocks are really LIMITED.. so prepare to camp there if you want to get one :)

*Update 29 Dec 09: GSC has released official information on this Snow Songs CD and the cute Nendoroid Petit that comes with it.

Bad news is that within 3 hours of opening for pre-order on amazon japan it has SOLD OUT! I will keep my eyes open and post here in the off chance on where you can get your hands on one. Wish me Luck :)

This set of VOCALOID songs based on the theme of winter ballads have been taken from Niconico Douga. The set includes songs from doriko, who climbed up the Oricon Daily ranking charts all the way to rank 12, as well as 19's Sound Factory, who are already closing on a country-wide album release, as well as many others to make it the best collection of songs this winter.

Of course included is a newly designed Winter version of Miku's Petite Nendoroid with the color scheme designed by Mikatan.. nice design sense she has...

Only 10,000 sets will be available.

Track Listing

1) Snow Piece - 19's Sound Factory feat. Miku Hatsune
2) Winter Alice - doriko feat. Miku Hatsune
3) Hitohira no - Noripii feat. Miku Hatsune
4) Fuyu no Seiza - Captain Mirai feat.Rin Kagamine
5) Chillyditty Of February - DARS feat.KAITO
6) soundless voice - Hitoshizuku P feat.Len Kagamine
7) White Lights - Haura P feat.Miku Hatsune
8) Yuki Usagi - OSTER project feat.MEIKO
9) Kimibun - 40mP feat.Miku Hatsune
10) Tsunaida Te - mikuru396 feat.Miku Hatsune
11) Fuyu no Mahou - Studio IIG feat.Miku Hatsune
12) Fuyu no Sakura - SixteenRemix  AVTechNO! feat.Luca Megurine

Product name VOCALOID SEASON COLLECTION ~SNOW SONGS~ & Nendoroid Petite: Snow Miku Set (ぼーかろいど しーずん これくしょん ~すのー そんぐす~ ねんどろいど ぷち ゆきみく せっと)
Release Date 2010/02
Price 2000yen
Specifications CD & Petite Nendoroid Set (Limited to 10000 sets)
Sculptor Nendoroid
Colouring Design Mikatan
Sold at & animate stores
Sold by/Distributor Good Smile Company



  1. Any idea on which local retailer will bring in this ? If u know, do update it here ! Thanks ~

  2. At the moment it seems the chance for any local retailer to bring this in is low.
    it is sold exclusively thru amazon Japan and animate(japan) and it was SOLD OUT within 3 hours of opening for pre-orders on the japanese website.

    Will update more info here in the off chance that there is another place where you can get it

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