Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alter/Hobby Japan Samurai Girls-Sanada Yukimura 1/8 PVC figure

Hobby Japan in collaboration with Alter is going to release the Sanada Yukimura 1/8 PVC figure from Samurai Girls. This figure will be a Hobby Japan mail order-exclusive, which means that in order to get this figure, You need to get the Hobby Japan Vol. 7 ( May 25 release) and order from there OR wait for the figure to be released and pay thru your nose at eBay.... sad.. i hate exclusives they just hurt your wallet :(

The figure though is absolutely spectacular. Intricate detailing from head to toe coupled with nice rich colors of her costume really draw you to the figure. The printing and designs on Sanada's costume are finely detailed and her facial expression really complements the pose she is holding. Only thing is that her swimsuit outfit beneath that ornate dress throws the feel off a little. However this is how she appears in the manga/anime so this is no faults of HJ or Alter.

I recommend GET it if you can get your hands on one. Due out in Nov 2009, meanwhile appreciate the detailing of the figure from the pics.

Item name :Sanada Yukimura (真田幸村 )
Manufacturer :Alter
Scale :1/8, Height 21cm (H)
Material :PVC
Original :Samurai Girls( 百花繚乱 )
Release Date :Nov 09
Retail Price :8190Yen(~SGD$125)



Alter Persona 4- Kujikawa Rise Swimsuti Ver. 1/8 PVC figure

This is going to be the easiest intro I ever did for a figure.
Kujikawa Rise comes from the Playstation 2 game “Persona” series “Persona 4″ ( ペルソナ4 ) published by Altus.
Summed up as... bleah, uninteresting, nothing special and plain.
Comes with (~Yawn) 2 accessories, spectacles and a bunch of keys (OH JOY....)
Conclusion. I don't like it and won't waste money on it....

If you like this though, you can get yours here from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Item name :Kujikawa Rise Swimsuti Ver.
Manufacturer :Alter
Scale :1/8, Height 22cm (H)
Material :PVC
Original :Persona 4
Release Date :Sep 09
Retail Price :6800Yen(~SGD$104)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Nendoroid Nao (Ltd Staccato Ver)

An exclusive Dengekiya version of Nao is to be released Nov of this year. Nao is from the online game Mabinogi produced by Nexon. The first version of Nao was in her navigator outfit.
This time Nao is dressed in a rather nice schoolgirl outfit.
The nendoroid is nicely detailed with attention paid the the school uniform and fine details even on her schoolbag. A nice pair of half rimmed glasses complete the look.

This is a Dengekiya mail-order exclusive though , you will will have to figure out how to order from Japan or wait until it released and try your luck on ebay.

For those of you located in Singapore, You can pre-order Nendoroid Nao and lots of other exlusive nendoroids from CANDYTOYO

Item:Nendoroid Nao PVC (Ltd Staccato Ver) [Mabinogi]
Scale: ~ 10cm (H)
Retail Price: 3500Yen(~SGD$53)
Availability: Nov 09
Extras: Dengekiya Mail-order exclusive


Friday, May 22, 2009


This collectible figure features :

- Stands approximately 12 inches tall
- Capturing the likeness of actor Ron Pearlman as Hellboy
- Hot Toys developed muscle figure body with over 28 points of articulation featuring caved occult symbol on Hellboy's right shoulder
- Bendable tail with wire inside
- "Right arm doom" with bendable fingers
- Trench coat
- Leather-like black pants
- Leather-like utility belt complete with multiple pouches and a buckle featuring B.P.R.D. Logo
- Black boots
- Detailed Big Baby with removable bullets
- Detailed "Samartian" gun with embedded a B.P.R.D symbol on the gun handle with removable bullets
- Interchangeable right hand
- Interchangeable left hand
- figure stand featuring Hellboy II logo and Hellboy nameplate.

For a full Video view, SEE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WScRzQ2ShU&feature=channel

You can get your own HellBoy figure from SideShow Here Hellboy 12-inch Figure


The IRON MAN MARK II features:

- Authentic and detailed fully realized Mark 2
- Stands approximate 30 cm tall
- Over 36 points of articulations
- Metal-like painting
- Special features on the MARK II armor:
+ Light up glowing eyes and heart (battery operated)
+ Articulated flaps at back of the armor and on legs
+ Working forearms missile
- "Prove that TONY STARK has a heart" accessory with light up function
- Three pairs of Interchangeable hands, including light up replusor palms
- Alternate head that has a raising face- plate revealing the face of Robert Downey Jr. as TONY STARK
- 12-inch figure stand

FOR FULL VIDEO, SEE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-uSjHFRDFs

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Look : Bandai SDX Satan Gundam

First seen at Tamashii Nation 2009, this Bandai SDX Satan Gundam isto be released next month (June 09) .Standing at approx 10cm, this mecha looks really good.

When i first saw graphic drawings of this, I was not impressed. However as magazine scans and more pics surfaced I was old on the figure. Now seeing actual pics of the finished product, iam glad i went to my usual trusty source and secured a piece of this.At a retail price of 4700Yen(~SGD$72), I think its well worth it given the accessories and gimmicks of the mecha.

SDX Satan gundam doesn't look too impressive all covered up (looks like a wizard/sorcerer), but when the cloack opens up to form the wings.. Whew!! it looks good

You can get your hands on a SDX Gundam from HobbySearch HERE

Here are some pics to wet your appetite till you get your grubby hands on one :)


Maxfactory di:stage: Basic Set

Its a nendoroid/figma collector's dream come true!! With the announcement of di:stages from maxFactory, I can already visualize the various scenes that can be recreated with these. Designed to be highly modular with various stands and moveable arms for you to pose your figures and add in things like speech bubbles, this is a Winner :) Priced relatively cheap at 580Yen(~$9), you won't burn your wallet setting up those cool diorama ideas you have.

Scheduled to be released August 09. I can't wait :)

Pre-orders have opened at CSC stores at a PO price for SGD$9.90. I'am thinking should i just get 8 right off the bat?? :P )

Heres a link to a video for the di:stage -View Video
* Product name di:stage: Basic Set (でぃすてーじ べーしっくせっと)
* Series di:stage
* Price 580Yen (~SGD$9)
* Release Date 2009/08
* Specifications ABS All-purpose display base - base unit size 100mm x 100mm
* Set Contents 1x Base Unit - 1x Flat Joint - 1x Wall Joint - 4x Binders - 1x Moveable Arm (top replaceable with grapple unit or speech bubbles) - 5x Effect/Speech Bubbles - 1x Large Diameter Adaptor - 1x Small Diameter Adaptor - 4x Cover Skin Pins
* Sold by Max Factory
* Distributor Good Smile Factory

Quote from GSC"
In order to increase the enjoyment of the figma action figure series, this new generation display unit known as the 'di:stage' has been created. It will soon expand into a series with nearly infinite possibilities, but this is the basic foundation set.
* The base unit is a 10cm square, and the perfect way to display two figmas together.
* Multiple base units can be connected horizontally via flat joints, or vertically via wall joints, allowing the stage to expand however you want it to.
* A grappling unit that can be used to hold virtually any action figure is included.
* Speech bubbles that can be used to show the emotions of the characters are included.
* Using the 'binders' that can be attached to all sides of the base, you can create a background using paper vignettes, or cover the base with a cover skin. This allows you to recreate various situations to enjoy. Paper vignettes and cover skins will be available for download online, and are planned to be available in magazines.
* You can combine this with future extention sets to create your very own scenarios.


Credits:http://www.goodsmile.info/detail/eng/2462/di%3Astage%3A+Basic+Set.html http://ameblo.jp/figma/entry-10260070793.html#main