Thursday, May 14, 2009

MaxFactory Gurren Lagann-Yoko: Real Image ver. 1/6 PVC Figure

TO be released in September of 09 is this PVC figure of Yoko from Gurren Lagann. Touting this as a realistic version of Yoku, the sculpt is not so anime accurate and more mature. The facial features give a really "womanly" feel about the whole figure and I have no problems picturing this as an older sister of the Yoko in the anime (even older then later in the series where yoko is protrayed as a teacher). Not that this is exactly a bad thing though just that its different.

Heres a pic comparison of the various Yokos

The figure is nicely detailed and you would expect the usual high standards of quality from MaxFactory. Would Gurren Lagaan fans buy into this new look?? Don't know.. we'll have to wait and see.

You want one? You can pre-order yours from PlayAsia HERE. They Ship internationally.

* Product name Yoko: Real Image ver. (よーこ りあるいめーじばーじょん)
* Series Gurren Lagann
* Price 9,800Yen (~SGD$148)
* Release Date 2009/09
* Specifications Complete painted PVC figure - 1/6 scale - stand included - approximately 200mm in height
* Sculptor Shunshi Hagii
* Sold by Max Factory
* Distributor Good Smile Company
Quote from GSC"
The beautiful sniper Yoko from the ever popular TV series and movie, 'Gurren Lagaan' is back again as a figure from Max Factory.
As a slightly different image to the original work, Yoko has been sculpted in a more realistic manner, creating a new exquisite presence. From the details on her tight hot-pants and knee-socks to the smallest of details on her fingertips and facial expression - Yoko has been brought to life as a zealous 1/6 scale PVC figure. A visor is also included and can be attached to create a more stylish image.
There are many Yoko figures around, but this is one with a very distinct charm that collectors are bound to fall in love with.





  1. she looks stunning.... i wan....

  2. Pre-order should for opening soon for her.
    I estimate the PO price to be around SGD$120.
    Check back here as I will update this post when i get news of the pre-orders

  3. That is my estimate only lar.
    Maxfactory stuff are always good... I am tempted by this piece too. Even my wife say the face looks nice. So maybe i would get since sort of got "permission"... kekkekek

  4. reminds me of Ignis.

    important question: can cast off?

  5. Cannot cast off :P
    Is safe for under 18s..kekeke