Friday, May 1, 2009

First Look: Bandai SDX Gundam Commander Gundam

Here are some prototype pics on the only kind of Gundam I collect, the SDX Gundam series. These line of Super Deformed(SD) chogokin Gundam, comes pre-assembled and normally with neat gimmicks and acccesories.
The next in line to be released into the series is the Commander Gundam.This release will feature a new mechanism which provides some articulation in the arms to accomodate holding of the weapons.
This prototype was first seen at Tamashii Nation 2009.

This is expected for Japan release in August 2009 at a retail price of 5250Uen (~SGD$78).

*Update 8 May 2009:Pre-order have opened in some local shops (Mikelz) for the SDX Commander Gundam. At a pre-order price of SGD$60.

Here are some initial prototype pics

The next pic is a magazine scan which shows the soon be be released Satan Gundam (top pics) and Commander Gundam(bottom pics). Bottom right pic is initial drawings of the robot to be released After Commander Gundam which is SDX Superior Dragon (Looks nice too!.. love the designs for this series)



  1. I'm waiting for SDX Command Gundam!!! Drooling!!!

  2. Yeah.. it seems like the designs for this SDX line are gettting better and better. Look at the SDX Superior Dragon .. another winner :)