Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maxfactory S.O.G. Max: Otoha Karas (えす おー じー まっくす おとはからす)

Maxfactory is introducing a new line, Soul Of Guys (S.O.G) which seems to me is a really weird name for a line. Its like something they thought of one night when they were drunk over sake... Annyywayyss , SOG seems to be targeted at the Bandai SIC line.

First release of the SOG line is Otoha Karas from the Karas Anime. Karas is a six-part original video animation of the henshin genre (a kind of Japanese superhero).

The figure itself looks really nice as it is highly detailed and seems to be really well articulated. You get a fair bit of accessories too like 2
Karas swords , exchangeable face parts , a stand and multiple hands.

Looks and sounds like a great buy doesn't it? Heres the kicker though, RRP for this is 11,800YEN!! which translates to a whopping SGD$178 for this figure. Whew... pricey pricey

You can get your KARAs from PlayASIA Here. They ship internationally

* Product name S.O.G. Max Otoha Karas (えす おー じー まっくす おとはからす)
* Price 11,800Yen (~SGD$178)
* Release Date 2009/08
* Specifications Complete ABS&PVC poseable figure - not to scale - approcimately 185mm in height
* Sculptor Kenji Ando

Quote from GSC"
From Tatsunoko Production's 40 year aniversary OVA 'Karas', comes a figure of the main character from the show, 'Otoha Karas', who threw away his individuality to protect the city. The design of the figure has been created by the popular designer of the Eko Karas, Kenji Ando.

Flexible materials have been used all over the body, creating a very poseable action figure that never loses its style. The Karas sword in both its original version and expanded version are inlcluded, as well as exchangeable face parts and an abundance of replaceable hand parts.



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