Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alter Strike Witches-Miyafuji Yoshika 1/8 PVC Figure

In the never ending wallet burning stream of PVC figures from Alter comes Miyafuji Yoshika. Miyafuji is from the Strike Witches mixed media project which was originally created by Humikane Shimada via a series of magazine illustration columns. It was later adapted into two light novel series, two manga series, an anime OVA, and a televised anime series. Miyafuji is the main character of the series, age fourteen (later fifteen) and hailing from the Fuso Empire.

This figure from Alter protrays that youth and vibrance well with both the facial expression and pose conveying a sense of "playfulness". As the anime has a habit of showing the pantsu of the mainly female cast, this figures does the same (in fact there is an episode in the anime which was all about stealing of pantsu among the team members :) .... ). Of interesting note is the Striker Unit which are the two engine like things on her legs.
Striker Unit
A pair of hybrid mechanical/magical propeller devices used by Witches for flight and worn over their legs. They are rigid, preventing movement of the knees, but can be disengaged on the field if needed. When wearing a Striker a Witch's power is vastly increased by a magic engine in the unit, resulting in the constant manifestation of their animal ears and tails. It grants them the powers of high speed flight, increased physical abilities, and the ability to raise defensive shields. Strikers require high magical aptitude however and Witches who are either too weak or past their prime cannot use them effectively. Each character's Striker is designed to resemble a type of World War II fighter plane.
The striker unit on this figure looks really nicely detailed and it seems like they have provided a piece to swop which would simulate the propeller spinning. i guess it would be too much to ask to actually have motorised propellers :P Imagine how cool it would be if you could flip a switch (maybe her tail could be the switch :) ) and the propellers would spin by themselves.. Oh well, we can dream can't we...

Overall, a definite must get for fans to the show, and for the un-initiated you generally cannot go wrong with Alter's workmanship and quality.

Scheduled to be released September of 09 at a RRP of 7800Yen (~SGD$118), heres some pics to tide you till then.

You can get yours Here at PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Item name :Miyafuji Yoshika「ストライクウィッチーズ」
Manufacturer :Alter
Scale :1/8, Height 25.5cm
Material :PVC
Producer :Houjun Otoyama
Original :Strike Witches
Release Date :Sep 09
Retail Price :7800Yen(~SGD$118)


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