Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alter ToHeart2 Silfa 1/8 PVC Figure

Alter has announced their next planned release is Silfa from ToHeart2. To Heart 2 (トゥハート2 ,Tu Hāto 2?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Leaf(you can get more info on ToHeart2 by linking on the link above. I didn't play the game nor watch the anime so my opinions below are purely based on looking at the figure. Well... here we go..

As usual I really like Alter's sculpt which most of the time is able to convey some emotion/character from the figure.This figure IMO beats the Kotobukiya one hands down in terms of sculpt. Silfa's standing pose and arm gesture together with those big eyes sends out the message of pure innocence. I also like the color scheme of the figure which looks rich with nice shading. The pleated skirt looks likes its fluterring in a soft breeze and of course it helps that its so short :) (Sorry no pantsu shots though :P ). Only downside is the lack of accessories.

This is one for the fans of To Heart though, and since I didn't watch the anime or play the game, guess I'll be skipping this figure.

You can get yours from PlayAsia HERE. They ship internationally.

Heres some pics for You to decide if you are getting one

Item: ALTER - 1/8 Shilfa PVC [ToHeart2]
Dimensions:1/8 scale. 20cm (H)
Retail Price:6,300Yen (~SGD$95)
Availability: Sept 09


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