Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freeing Lucky Star - Kagami Hiiragi Gym Uniform ver. 1/4 PVC Figure

The other offering from Freeing to be released in August 09 would be Kagami-Chan from Lucky Star!! I watched the anime for Lucky Star and loved it. It was fun, pointless and hysterical (kind of the Seinfield of animes :) ).

This figure however , I don't like so much. Mainly its because of the funny pose and un-kagami like feel protrayed by the figure. Maybe Miyuki would be better carrying off this pose/feel.
And i thought that even in the anime , Kagami was not exactly FLAT chested as protrayed in the figure. Admittedly not as big as Miyuki but definitely not runway flat.... Oh well

It is noteworthy though to highlight that this figure is HUGE. At 1/4 scale it would stand at approx 38cm tall. Another point would be that her clothes are made of real fabric! Now thats a nice touch, giving the figure a cross between doll and pvc figure. of course you pay for the size and the clothes cos the figure RRP is 12,800Yen (~SGD$197).

It'll be interesting to see what they come up with for Tsukasa and Miyuki. For me, I'll skip this :P

* Product name Kagami Hiiragi Gym Uniform ver. (ひいらぎかがみ たいそうふくばーじょん)
* Series Lucky Star
* Price 12,800Yen (~SGD$197)
* Release Date 2009/08
* Specifications Complete painted PVC figure - 1/4 scale - stand included - approximately 380mm in height
* Sculpting/Production/Sold By FREEing
* Distributor Good Smile Company

Quote GSC webpage"
FREEing is making a set of 1/4 scale characters from the popular series "Lucky Star", all in their gym uniforms! Following Konata Izumi is the elder of the Hiiragi twins, Kagami Hiiragi!

Kagami has been sculpted in a huge 1/4 scale that makes it seem as if she had just jumped out of the anime, and her gym uniform and short pants are all made of real fabrics for an even more realistic figure design. She has been posed with her trademark twin-tail hair swirling around her, as she closes her one eye as if thinking about something.

Her younger sister Tsukasa, as well as Miyuki are both on their way soon!


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