Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GSC Miku Hatsune: World is Mine supercell feat.

Fans of Miku should be happy about this. Now you can decorate your walls with Mikus.. lolz
This is a rather innovative idea from GSC, where the stand is like a picture frame. So you have a PVC figures "in" a picture frame. Comes with brown or natural wood color frame (reminds me of IKEA... :P)

Me?? I find this version a little bit "off" for my taste. Somehow this just does not sit with my idea of how Miku should look. (mine idea perhaps stil stuck in the numerous nendoroid versions of Miku that have been released :P )

*Update 16 may 09: Pre-order have opened at CSC shops for this item. Pre-order pirce is SGD$124.

If you are outside Singapore, you can Pre-order yours from PlayAsia (Brown Frame) (Natural Frame).They ship internationally

Extract from GSC"
The best princess in the world.
From supercell's beautiful PV 'World is Mine', with music composed by ryo and graphical designs by redjustice, comes this regal figure of 'Princess' Miku. She has been sculpted in an identical pose to the original illustration - her charming eyes gazing deeply ahead, as she lies relaxed on a comfortable bed with her cute, yet selfish expression suiting her pose perfectly.
As a new idea to bring a new sense of interior design to figures, the stand has been created as a frame, allowing you to display her in a range of new ways! Besides displaying the figure simply by itself, you can now also use the frame to display her as a wall-mounted decoration, or a leaning ornament. The frame comes in two colors, 'Brown' and 'Natural', allowing you to pick the color that suits your room best!


Product name supercell feat. Miku Hatsune: World is Mine
Series Character Vocal Series: Miku Hatsune
Price 8,800 Yen

Release Date 2009/09
Specifications Complete
painted PVC figures - 1/8 scale - Stand included - approximately 220mm in height (with stand) 180mm (without stand)
Sculptor Sakurako Iwanaga (Shokubutsu Shoujoen)

Credits:GSC Webpage

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HotToys Goemon The Movie-Chacha Asai & Saizo Kirigakure 12" Figures

Hottoys has announced that they will be releasing 2 1/6 scale figures from Goemon The Movie into their Movie Masterpiece line. For those unfarmilar with Goemon (like me before I did some reseach..) , Goemon is based on the story of legendary folk hero, ninja warrior Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五衛門), whom lived between 1558-1594. Goemon is the Japanese equivalent of Robin Hood - a thief whom stole valuables and gave them to the poor. Apparently, Goemon is notable for being boiled alive in oil after a failed assassination attempt on Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣 秀吉), the ruler of Japan at the time.Goemon the movie relies heavily on CG - it is filmed entirely on green screen and is brought to us by the makers whom produced Casshern the movie hence the visual style is very similar. I didn't watch the movie so I can't comment too much on it.

We'll start off with the figure i prefer, which is a beautiful rendition of ChaCha Asai. From the prototype pics, the figure boasts rich colors and excellent facial and accessories detailing(just look closely at her shoes and fan...). I really like the facial expression which conveys a feeling of mystery. Some 12" figures have expresionless faces which make them seem like their nothing more then dolls. However on this hottoy figure, the makeup and eyes seem spot on and gives a very lifelike feeling. I LIKE IT :)

*Update 5 May 09: Pre-orders have opened in local Singapore stores for these 2 figures. At around SGD$220 each, not too wallet burning.

For those outside Singapore, you can get your Hottoys from SideShow Here
ChaCha Asai Saizo Kirigakure

Here are some specs and pics

This 1/6th scale ChaCha Asai collectible figure stands approximately 29cm tall and features:
- Hot Toys 12-inch figure female body with over 30 points of articulation
- Highly detailed head sculpture with authentic likeness of Ryoko Hirosue as ChaCha Asai
- Dressed in her movie-accurate costume of gorgeous gown and detailed footwear
- Accessories included:
+ A knife
+ A folding fan
+ Interchangeable hands
+ 12-inch figure stand with nameplate

We move next to what I feel is a slightly lacklustre figure of Saizo. After seeing the vivid colors, awesome detailing and realistic facial expression of ChaCha, Saizo is really a splash of cold water..(bBBrrBBrr). Although given that Saizo is a ninja and thus can't be dressed in gaudy colors, what really dissapoints me is the bland facial expression of Saizo. The face is an expresionless emotionless sculpt, with no "fire" in his eyes nor soul to speak of. In fact, his face looks like it has been flash frozen by liquid nitrogen... Putting on his mask does help matters though, as it covers most of his face (that really tells volumes doesn't it). His accessories also strike me as being the usual and rather lacking in terms of ninja accessories.

Some good points are the nice detailing on the chest/neck piece and forearms. Well you can't win them all. You may just get Saizo if you are a completist or have a thing for ninjas. Me?? probably skip for now untill some new information comes to light.

This 1/6th scale Saizo Kirigakure collectible figure stands approximately 30cm tall and features:
- Hot Toys 12-inch figure body with over 32 points of articulation
- Highly detailed head sculpture with authentic likeness of TAKAO OSAWA as Saizo Kirigakure
- Dressed in his movie-accurate costume of black armored Ninja suit and boots
- Accessories included:
+ A face guard with throat cover
+ Hanzo’s Shuriken star (Throwing knife)
+ Kunai Knife
+ Interchangeable hands
+ 12-inch figure stand with nameplate
These 2 figures are expected to be released 3rd quarter of 2009.

Hottoys Saizo Kirigakure Page
HotToys ChaCha Asai Page
Info of Goemon the movie from


Pre-Order Open for Revoltech No.66 Gurren & Lagaan

Pre-Orders have began at certain Singapore Shops(namely Mikelz) for this outstanding rendition of Gurren+Lagaan from Revoltech.

Although Lagaan forms the bigger bulk of this revoltech, i think the real star will have to be Gurren instead. This cute little guy is nicely detailed despite his small size AND comes with interchangeable face and hands to boot. he even has his OWN mini stand. Outstanding.
Now if only they had included a scale kamina and simon that would have been perfect.. but i think thats a little much to ask :P

Of course Lagaan is not too bad either. With the great articulation offered by the revoltech joints, you can get him in alot of great dynamic poses. At least thats what people tell me... everytime I try to do it myself.. it seems the joints either dun go the way i want or just pops out of the socket. However I do attribute this to my non-existent figure posing skills rather then blaming revoltech... :P

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagaan being one of my all time favourites anime, this would be a sure get for me. At a very affordable SGD$34 preorder price for this revoltech, you get to experience gurren lagaan without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you live outside singapore, you can pre-order from PlayAsia HERE. They ship internationally

This is expected to reach our shores in June 2009.
Till then, enjoy these pics


Monday, April 27, 2009

Review:E2046 Pre-Painted Dark Magician 1/6 Resin Figure

We have a yet another special Guest Reviewer to review the E2046 Pre-Painted Dark Magician 1/6 Resin Figure.
Special thanks to SilentHill for doing this excellent detailed review.This review was actually done a while back but I never got the time to put it up. Apologies to SilentHill :P

You really got to admire the effort and time that went into this review though. Attention to detail and great pics are the order of the day...
SO lets get on with it.. :)

***********************************Start ofReview************************************

My preoder from E2046 - Ori workshop came in two boxes 1 inside of the other for protection and the main box - their trade mark black "shoebox" - was double wrapped in bubble wrap to protect both the box and the contents inside

Opening the box reveals the wonderfully neat packaging by the E2046 staff.All parts are snuggly packed with Styrofoam so that there is absolutely no moving of the parts which would result in damage.What impresses me is that the Styrofoam have obviously been individually cut with a Styrofoam cutter i.e. hot wire and having done such activities in the past for school projects (ahhh...those were the days) more than a decade ago, i can vouch for the labourious nature of such work.

Now onto the actual Dark (Elf) Mage Resin Figure iteself...
The entire product comes in a few parts:
1) Actual Figure
2) Detachable robe / skirt / dress (magnetic)
3) Left arm and forearm
4) Orange staff + hand
5) Silver staff + hand
6) "mirror polish" acrylic base
All parts are wrapped in plastic to protect from scratches during the packing process.

Unwarpping everything, it is time to inspect the handiwork of the E2046 - Ori artists...
Some slight assembly required of course for the robe/skirt/dress, left arm/forearm and the staff of your choice. Undoubtably, most would chose the orange flame coloured design one instead of the silver...

Moreever, being silver, it would be possible to add some colour to it for a customised individual piece of artwork by those who have some aspirations of painting, i suppose.

All parts fit well with little effort.

However, i noticed 2 things:

1) The left arm/forearm joint on the main body seems a little too "short" and hence, when the arm is connected, it does not seem overly secure. When i want to change the staves/hands, a slight pull on the hand will detach the arm from the body. Possiblilty of the entire arm dropping is there.

2) The cloak/skirt/robe magnet is not overly strong and will droop. There is a need to "squeeze" it past the hips of the figurine which may result in a little of the black paint coating rubbing off on the figurine iteself.

No sweat there, just use a pencil-tip eraser to remove the "stain(s)" [taught to me by my buddy Issac] and my personal advice is to use a micro-fiber cloth (or if you lazy like me, your finger) and gentlely rub the edge of the cloak/skirt to clean any residue whcih might be there. That way, less chances of staining.

All i would like to add is that the figurine is solid, hefty and constructed out of resin. There are NO visible seams at all which is the best part of the construction.
Paintwork is natural, unsmudged with no "running" of the paint as well as neatly done lines and no rough blobs of dried paint. Figurine collectors will know what i mean.
Shading is done well to accentuate certain features of the figurine and appropriate usage of high gloss black paint breathes both class and a certain "sexiness" to the costume of the figurine (if you find pvc leather boots and corsets sexy a la "dominatrix style")
My favourite parts in terms of the paint job are the eyes, the intricate gold runes/seams designs of the cloak/skirt/robe, bustier and boots. As mentioned, no running and no blotches, just clean beautifully painted lines.

Great Job overall by the both the sales & admin staff (for speedy delivery) and the artists at E2046 - Ori.

Pictures paint a thousand words so i will let the following images speak for themselevs.

***********************************End ofReview************************************