Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review: HotToys Ironman Mark II (with picture comparison with Mark III)

We have a special Guest Reviewer to review and compare the Hottoys Ironman Mark II & Mark III. Welcome Joshua for this great review.

Take it away Joshua... :)

***********************************Start of Review************************************

Was quite free so decided to be a good boy and take out the batteries from Mark II (silver) so tat if i dont play, there'll be no leakage to damage these babies. man, i've gotta say, they're really awesome and you'll love it.

The articulation is impressive and the paint job is speechless.

I've gotta say is that i'm really impressed on how they painted Mark II to look metal although its not. the chest looks like its with some mini screws on them( if you pay attention to the details done by Hot Toys). not just that, you can actually see that they sprayed something on the chest region that its a lil' matt.

Awesome job there done. as you turn to the back, u can find the similarities of that to Mark III apart from the paint color. open up the flab and u see the switch. i was tempted and i gave in. switched on and there you have it shown in the 2nd pic below. Nice~

The legs are well done with great detailing in the insides behind the flap on the rear calves of the legs. (Editors note: Notice how BOTH of the rear flaps now can be raised all the way to >90 degrees and at the same height. In the early releases of Mark III the right leg flap could only be raised to 90 degrees. rumors was there in the rush to release the mark III, they put in left leg flaps for BOTH legs.. :( BoooOO ~Surge)
The orb or heart of tony stark is only available to proud Mark II owners. a pity i didnt manage to get the special edition from side show website but you gotta pay more and risk shipping from US.

This is the extra head which comes with the MarkII. It comes with 2 pieces. the mask is attached magnetically to the head.(Editors note: This is a great feature. I simply love it... allows for so many posing opportunities~Surge)

Anyway, happy with my this latest toy which i got it at PO price. love it baby.

Put them both together and you'll instanteously fall in love with them. On a side note, the smell of the paint job is still there when i took out Mark III.

There you have it, Mark II and III. cheers~

**********************************End Of Review*************************************

Thanks Joshua for the great pics and review. Hope you enjoy your marvelous looking new toys.

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