Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alter Black Aries 1/8 PVC Figure

Hot off the press from Alter's website is their latest offering. Black Aries is from the hentai anime OVA series Jiburiru - The Devil Angel (lol.. what a oxymoron)

Recommended Retail Price is at a calming 6800Yen (~SGD$102). Comforting considering Fate was so expensive (But well worth it :P ). Standing at 18.5cm tall , be ready to clear some vertical shelf space for her. Expected japan release is at August 2009

What i really like is the excellent detailing on the arms and hands (see pics below) and the two tone paint scheme for her dress (most noticable is her *ahem ..crotch area...). I really like the color scheme on this figure with dark tones and bright highlights. A winner!! Now for the flip side..I do feel her face does not match her dynamic pose as the facial expression seems to "smiley". Oh well, you can't win them all.

You can pre-order this figure from PlayAsia Here. They ship internationally

Get it?Or Not??? Why don't you decide base on pics


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