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Review:E2046 Pre-Painted Dark Magician 1/6 Resin Figure

We have a yet another special Guest Reviewer to review the E2046 Pre-Painted Dark Magician 1/6 Resin Figure.
Special thanks to SilentHill for doing this excellent detailed review.This review was actually done a while back but I never got the time to put it up. Apologies to SilentHill :P

You really got to admire the effort and time that went into this review though. Attention to detail and great pics are the order of the day...
SO lets get on with it.. :)

***********************************Start ofReview************************************

My preoder from E2046 - Ori workshop came in two boxes 1 inside of the other for protection and the main box - their trade mark black "shoebox" - was double wrapped in bubble wrap to protect both the box and the contents inside

Opening the box reveals the wonderfully neat packaging by the E2046 staff.All parts are snuggly packed with Styrofoam so that there is absolutely no moving of the parts which would result in damage.What impresses me is that the Styrofoam have obviously been individually cut with a Styrofoam cutter i.e. hot wire and having done such activities in the past for school projects (ahhh...those were the days) more than a decade ago, i can vouch for the labourious nature of such work.

Now onto the actual Dark (Elf) Mage Resin Figure iteself...
The entire product comes in a few parts:
1) Actual Figure
2) Detachable robe / skirt / dress (magnetic)
3) Left arm and forearm
4) Orange staff + hand
5) Silver staff + hand
6) "mirror polish" acrylic base
All parts are wrapped in plastic to protect from scratches during the packing process.

Unwarpping everything, it is time to inspect the handiwork of the E2046 - Ori artists...
Some slight assembly required of course for the robe/skirt/dress, left arm/forearm and the staff of your choice. Undoubtably, most would chose the orange flame coloured design one instead of the silver...

Moreever, being silver, it would be possible to add some colour to it for a customised individual piece of artwork by those who have some aspirations of painting, i suppose.

All parts fit well with little effort.

However, i noticed 2 things:

1) The left arm/forearm joint on the main body seems a little too "short" and hence, when the arm is connected, it does not seem overly secure. When i want to change the staves/hands, a slight pull on the hand will detach the arm from the body. Possiblilty of the entire arm dropping is there.

2) The cloak/skirt/robe magnet is not overly strong and will droop. There is a need to "squeeze" it past the hips of the figurine which may result in a little of the black paint coating rubbing off on the figurine iteself.

No sweat there, just use a pencil-tip eraser to remove the "stain(s)" [taught to me by my buddy Issac] and my personal advice is to use a micro-fiber cloth (or if you lazy like me, your finger) and gentlely rub the edge of the cloak/skirt to clean any residue whcih might be there. That way, less chances of staining.

All i would like to add is that the figurine is solid, hefty and constructed out of resin. There are NO visible seams at all which is the best part of the construction.
Paintwork is natural, unsmudged with no "running" of the paint as well as neatly done lines and no rough blobs of dried paint. Figurine collectors will know what i mean.
Shading is done well to accentuate certain features of the figurine and appropriate usage of high gloss black paint breathes both class and a certain "sexiness" to the costume of the figurine (if you find pvc leather boots and corsets sexy a la "dominatrix style")
My favourite parts in terms of the paint job are the eyes, the intricate gold runes/seams designs of the cloak/skirt/robe, bustier and boots. As mentioned, no running and no blotches, just clean beautifully painted lines.

Great Job overall by the both the sales & admin staff (for speedy delivery) and the artists at E2046 - Ori.

Pictures paint a thousand words so i will let the following images speak for themselevs.

***********************************End ofReview************************************


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