Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Revoltech Queen's Blade Series-Leina

Looks like Revoltech is making its foray into the Queen's Blade Series. Perhaps to concide with the recent release of the QB's anime.. who knows.

First in line to be Revoltised is Leina.I personally never did like how she looked so I think i will skip this. furthermore from these initial pics, she looks FAT. I am not blaming revoltech though as other sculpts(like megahouse core series) of her also look fat.... On top of that, although QB fans are used to their PVCs being cast-offs, i really doubt the revoltech will be cast off with her "bits" sculpted :P

*Update 29 April 09: Pre-Orders have opened at local shops for this item (namely Mikelz). At a pre-order price of $SGD42 this seems to be more expensive then other revoltechs...

If you live outside Singapore, you can order from PlayAsia HERE. They ship internationally.

Expected to be released in Japan from 1 June 09.


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