Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HotToys Goemon The Movie-Chacha Asai & Saizo Kirigakure 12" Figures

Hottoys has announced that they will be releasing 2 1/6 scale figures from Goemon The Movie into their Movie Masterpiece line. For those unfarmilar with Goemon (like me before I did some reseach..) , Goemon is based on the story of legendary folk hero, ninja warrior Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五衛門), whom lived between 1558-1594. Goemon is the Japanese equivalent of Robin Hood - a thief whom stole valuables and gave them to the poor. Apparently, Goemon is notable for being boiled alive in oil after a failed assassination attempt on Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣 秀吉), the ruler of Japan at the time.Goemon the movie relies heavily on CG - it is filmed entirely on green screen and is brought to us by the makers whom produced Casshern the movie hence the visual style is very similar. I didn't watch the movie so I can't comment too much on it.

We'll start off with the figure i prefer, which is a beautiful rendition of ChaCha Asai. From the prototype pics, the figure boasts rich colors and excellent facial and accessories detailing(just look closely at her shoes and fan...). I really like the facial expression which conveys a feeling of mystery. Some 12" figures have expresionless faces which make them seem like their nothing more then dolls. However on this hottoy figure, the makeup and eyes seem spot on and gives a very lifelike feeling. I LIKE IT :)

*Update 5 May 09: Pre-orders have opened in local Singapore stores for these 2 figures. At around SGD$220 each, not too wallet burning.

For those outside Singapore, you can get your Hottoys from SideShow Here
ChaCha Asai Saizo Kirigakure

Here are some specs and pics

This 1/6th scale ChaCha Asai collectible figure stands approximately 29cm tall and features:
- Hot Toys 12-inch figure female body with over 30 points of articulation
- Highly detailed head sculpture with authentic likeness of Ryoko Hirosue as ChaCha Asai
- Dressed in her movie-accurate costume of gorgeous gown and detailed footwear
- Accessories included:
+ A knife
+ A folding fan
+ Interchangeable hands
+ 12-inch figure stand with nameplate

We move next to what I feel is a slightly lacklustre figure of Saizo. After seeing the vivid colors, awesome detailing and realistic facial expression of ChaCha, Saizo is really a splash of cold water..(bBBrrBBrr). Although given that Saizo is a ninja and thus can't be dressed in gaudy colors, what really dissapoints me is the bland facial expression of Saizo. The face is an expresionless emotionless sculpt, with no "fire" in his eyes nor soul to speak of. In fact, his face looks like it has been flash frozen by liquid nitrogen... Putting on his mask does help matters though, as it covers most of his face (that really tells volumes doesn't it). His accessories also strike me as being the usual and rather lacking in terms of ninja accessories.

Some good points are the nice detailing on the chest/neck piece and forearms. Well you can't win them all. You may just get Saizo if you are a completist or have a thing for ninjas. Me?? probably skip for now untill some new information comes to light.

This 1/6th scale Saizo Kirigakure collectible figure stands approximately 30cm tall and features:
- Hot Toys 12-inch figure body with over 32 points of articulation
- Highly detailed head sculpture with authentic likeness of TAKAO OSAWA as Saizo Kirigakure
- Dressed in his movie-accurate costume of black armored Ninja suit and boots
- Accessories included:
+ A face guard with throat cover
+ Hanzo’s Shuriken star (Throwing knife)
+ Kunai Knife
+ Interchangeable hands
+ 12-inch figure stand with nameplate
These 2 figures are expected to be released 3rd quarter of 2009.

Hottoys Saizo Kirigakure Page
HotToys ChaCha Asai Page
Info of Goemon the movie from eddiewong.net



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