Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maxfactory Figma Magical Girl Nanoha StrikerS-SIgnum

Here are some sneak peek pics of the upcoming Maxfactory Figma. Signum from Magical Girl Nanoha StrikerS.

*Update (13 April) : Pre-orders have opened at various singapore shops. Prices from from SGD$42.50 to $48.

If you are outside of Singapore, you can get yours Here from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Lots of cool accesories with this as you can see from the pics below depicting Laevatein(her sword) in various forms. For the uninitiated

  • Schlangenform (Snake form)

  • Schwertform (Sword form)

  • Bogenform (Bow form)

  • Leevetein in Shiden Issen (Sword Flash) attack

Very nice,especially with her Laevatein in Bogenform ,simply Fantastic. Mini AFF.. gotta love it.
Expected to be released July 09 at a recommended retail price of 3200Yen (~SGD$48.5)



  1. great to find out you're the guy behind this blog darren. :)

  2. Thanks Shaun.
    its a work in progress. Alot of things i dun know how to do yet :P