Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Look: Upcoming Figma Drössel ("Eve" Lookalike)

Since I don't know what this Figma is called officially, i will name it Eve lookalike since it the first look reminds me of Eve from Pixar's WALL-E.

From the pics, it looks like she (i am assuming its female) is well articulated as per usual Figma standards and somehow because she is a robot it looks even more "natural"(the irony of this statement is not lost to me... ).

This was first seen at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 and would have a nendoroid conterpart

I personally like this design alot and would probably be getting it. No news yet on the release date though, lets hope its soon.

*Update 21 April 09
GSC has put out the official announcement of this Figma on its website. Apparently her name is Drössel and she is from "Fireball",an original Disney animation to have it's debut release in Japan. The scupltor is from MaxFactory so you can expect good things for this Figma.Expected Japanese release gate is June 09. Ohboy.. I can't wait :)

If you live outside Singapore, you can order this from PlayAsia Here. They ship internationally

Heres some pics untill then

Credits:GSC website

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