Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tamashii Nation 2009 (SOC & other Mecha)

Heres some coverage on the Bandai Tamashii Nation 2009 going on now.
This post will focus on Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line and some other mecha which i find interesting

Of course the highly anticipated next SOC GX-46 Dygenguard & Ausenseiter would be showcased as the show

Next we have the CX-45 Shin Mazinger 2009. A release of maxinger with new joints allowing a wide variety of poses

Also coming is the PX-04 Hover Pilder

And then a look at Soul of Chogokin BIG O (sounds so funny doesn't it..BIG O BIG O BIG O)

From the Soul Spec line we have an early prototype of Tekkaman Blade and Pegas

This next one i peronally hate.. Phone Braver... :P (BooOOoooo.. I always have a WTF feeling whenever i see Phone Braver)

From the worse to something Much Much better. SDX Chogokin Gundam (I Love the look of the Command Gundam Gundam)

And to round it all off.. The Cream of The Crop.. The Mother of All Premium Chogokin..The Single most expensive CHogokin ever made (I believe). InTRODucing--
Urban Material Chogokin Mazinger Z Retailing at 2MILLION YEN!! (~SGD$32,000!!!) OMFG.. Rumored to be made of Carbon Fibre, Graphite and Titanium..Totally Crazy..




  1. why dint u show the godaikin tetsujin 28

  2. eh you never reply to comments one ah

  3. hi you think the aussenseiter is worth collecting?

  4. Sorry. Sometimes I used to miss some comments. But now that I put it up at the sidebar.. Will be able to catch most :)

    Why I didn't show Godaikin Tetsujin? Sometimes when there is ALOT of things to show, i pick the ones which are more relevent to this blog. Since I deemed the godaikin to be vintage series, i left that out

    I think the Aussenseiter is worth collecting.Yes.. Why?? cost you rarely see a transforming SOC from Bandai from animal to robot. Normally is some mechanized spaceship or tank etc.

  5. Hello Surge, i think your site is a good place for gokin lovers, do keep up your good work!

  6. Thanks alot for your encouragement Anon.
    Would strive harder to make this blog more interesting :)

  7. No Prob bro, would love to see you review ever more Gokins in future *Peace