Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Studio Half Eye Gaofighgar and GoldionHammer

Wallet burners Studio half eye has opened this up for pre-order on their website.
From the Genesic Gaogaigar anime comes this Gaofighgar and GoldionHammer.

As usual, studio half eye creates this with a Perfect transformation which is no easy feat considering the many parts involved in the gaogaigar transformation. The thing is also packed with gimmicks and accessories as usual.
Price is..well... also dazzling.. Well for those who can afford it.. 2nd round pre-orders are open (apparently there was a first round) for those with a grand to spare on resin mecha :P

Price: ¥79,800 (~SGD$1259)
Total height: 16cm/full-width: Approximately 200mm
Prototype production: Hajime Takashima
Sale start time: 2009 late February schedule




Exclusive S.H.E Shop Item Gatling head

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