Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update Phat Company Nendoroid Playset 2 Japanese Life Set A&B

Heres the latest pics of the upcoming playset from phat company. Following the succuss of the first 2 classroom sets, these bedrooms sets are sure to be a hit for nendo collectors who want to display their ever expanding collection of nendoroids (like mine :P).
Slated for release June 09 this should be on the pre-order lists of local shops soon.
The A set and the B set can be placed together to form one large room.
Set A includes the Japanese sliding door and the dining table.
Small details such as the grilled fish and bear carving placed on the dining table, add a nice character to the room.
Set A Includes
  • 2 walls (sliding door and clay wall)
  • a floor base (tatami type A)
  • chest of drawers
  • bear sculpture
  • cushion
  • a rice bowl
  • a soup bowl
  • chopsticks
  • grilled fish (on a plate)
  • joints to hold items and stickers (for the calender)

Set B includes a guest room fitted with a sliding screen

  • 2 walls (sliding screen and alcove wall)
  • a floor base (tatami type B), pot, katana (with stand)
  • metal basin, lantern, two plates with dango
  • a small teapot, a teacup with saucer
  • joints to hold items and stickers (for the hanging scroll)
Meanwhile, Enjoy the pics :
Both Sets combined

Set A Dining Set

Set B Guestroom Set


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