Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alter Fate T Harlaown 1/7 PVC Figure

Just announced from Alter's Webby.. From Magical Girl Nanoha StrikerS comes FATE T Harlaown. Nicely detailed as expected from Alter with a Dynamic pose.

Would defitely go well with Hagami Yagate and when released Nanoha herself.
RRP is at 12,800Yen (~SGD$195)

Pre-Orders are open for this from local shops ranging from SGD$186 (Mikelz) to $194 (other shops)

For folks outside Singapore, you can pre-order from Play-Asia HERE. They ship internationally.

Word of caution though.. This PVC is HUGE... 35cm tall and riot blade alone being 27cm..

On a side note.. Alter is also re-releasing Red Vita


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