Friday, December 25, 2009

Maxfactory - BLACK ROCK SHOOTER(Black Blade ver. ) 1/8 PVC Figure

Fans of Black Rock Shooter rejoice! Good Smile Company is going to release yet another Black Rock Shooter 1/8 PVC figure. This time they have done away with the huge gun/Rock Cannon (which was the best part imho..) and replaced it was a tiny black blade. Voila, you have BLACK ROCK SHOOTER(Black Blade ver. ) standing at 23cm tall with a rrp of 6800Yen.

The new BRS is significantly cheaper then the original BRS which had retailed for 9800Yen (3000Yen roughly translates to SGD$46).

Another notable difference is removing her jacket with her free hand and stands on a much more compact base compared to before. overall I still think the original BRS looks more"complete" and better then this version. Having Rock Cannon and wearing her jacket had added a certain flair which i feel is now lacking in BRS-Black Blade Ver. Oh well, you could settle for 2nd best if you really can't get your hands on the first i guess.

I will pass on this just like I passed on the original BRS. I'am no lolicon :)
Too bad she is so "flat" and I really prefer my females more busty. I would grab this PVC if only it was more voluptuous. Maybe they would make a 'matured version" later??? lolz.. one can hope :P

Meanwhile you can get your BRS~Blade HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: Black Blade ver. (ぶらっく★ろっくしゅーたー ぶらっくぶれーどばーじょん)
Price 6,800Yen (~SGD$104)
Release Date 2010/04
Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8th scale - approx 23cm(H)
Sculptor Akeji
Distributor Good Smile Company



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