Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Comiket 77 Coverage - Nendoroids & Figmas

I thought I would do a short coverage on the ongoing Comiket 77.
Otherwise known as the Comic Market (コミックマーケット), Comiket is the world's largest handmade comic book fair. Held twice a year in Tokyo , once in August, and once in December. These are referred to typically as Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket respectively.

The current ongoing one would be a Winter Comiket running from December 29 to 31st 2009.

This coverage will just focus on Nendoroids and Figmas.

We will of course start off with my fave.. Nendoroids :)

Black Rock Shooter nendoroid..NICE!! price and release date TBA

Azusa. K-On Fans would be so happy. Expected in May 2010.. ~nyan~
The Highly anticipated pair from Nanoha... Iam waiting for their release myself :)
Nendoroid Puchi Bakemonogatari #02
Fate Stay Night nendo petits... cute..but i still prefer full sized
"Touhou Nendoroid Petit Chapter Project" Release Date TBA Price TBA
Seems to be a gift online shop exclusive... Reimu from Touhou project
Thats a wrap for nendoroids. We move on to figmas

Figma Kirisame Marisa ..a skinny marisa lolz...expected April 2010

very nice looking Rider from Fate Stay Night. Expected in May 2010
Kagome from Inuyasha! Omg... hope they release Inuyasha himself. Love this series
Isayama Yomi from Ga-Rei -ZeroNo idea who he is.. and judging by the looks of him..dun give a crap either...lolz

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