Friday, July 31, 2009

Mecha Update Consolidated July 2009

Heres a consolidated update on various mecha from various companies recently. Some of the pics are of mecha featured at the recent WonderFest 09. Lots of interesting designs to suit most collector's taste, ranging from plastic kits, resin, gokin to pvc figures. Prices also range from affordable to wallet burning...

So look through and pick the ones you like. :)

These are some preview pics of Baikanfu from the Fewture EX Gokin Series of SD Mecha. The 3rd pic shows the upcoming lineup for the series. Looks promising with Dancougar, Lightan and Gordian.
Wave Corporation
The following pics are of PVCs of Panzer World Galient's mecha from Wave Corporation. Very nice I would say. First 2 should be fixed pose and the last one Tetsukyojin is actually articulated. the prices for these are way high...
1/48 Patlabor mecha HellDiver. Also from Wave. Plastic

This next pic if of a poster from Wonderfest 09 of a new mecha to be released by MaxFactory. FullMetal Demon Muramas. Should be diecast. MaxFactory mecha are normally Great, IF they every get released (think re-issue of Mazinkaiser and Big-O.... )
Still on MaxFactory, we have pics of Dragonar 1 from MaxFactory. This piece is highly anticipated by many gokin collectors (including myself). Should reach our greedy hands soon. Extensively covered before..
These are actually from MegaHouse of the SAC Tachikoma from Ghost In The Shell. The Tachikoma actually moves :) batteries? Wind up? dunno.
Also from Megahouse, we have the SRW deformed robots (Alteisen &Weibritter). This was covered earlier HERE. These pics are from WF 09. ALL Plastic.. no diecast content.. expensive...
Five Star Stories
Next are the very nicely designed but horribly expensive resin mecha from Five Star Stories. I love the mecha designs.. but they are just too $$$

Kotobukiya : Frame Arms. These are model kits with internal movable frames. I'am just too lazy to make model kits. I like my mecha like I like my pizza delivery, ready to be savoured right out of the package :P

rom Alter Mechanical Model Collection, mecha from Linebarrel and the anime Full Metal Panic (love the anime). All plastic. :(
CM's Corp
Next we have sneak peaks at CM's Corp New Chogokin that they plan to release. Form the pics you can see the Neo getter Trio and then the Gaiking Trio.. Oooo.. can't wait for the gaikings. Hope they can combine to form Great Gaiking...

N.E.X.T series: Mecha Action figure by Volks. Very nice and highly detailed. Quite pricey if I am not mistaken
Bandai Soul Spec: Space Knight Tekkaman Blade. One word.. FAT...

Aoshima 1/48 FMP TSR M9 Gernsback 'Sagara Sousuke' Ver.


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