Thursday, July 2, 2009

MaxFactory Vocaloid - Miku Hatsune 1/7 PVC Figure

More milking of Miku continues. And now its MaxFactory's turn to cash in :P
They will be releasing a 1/7 scale PVC figure of Miku in Nov this year. Now this I didn't know but apparently Miku is the face of a computer music program, Vocaloid .I always though Miku was from an anime.. thought she is serialized in manga (Maker Hikōshiki Hatsune Mix & Hachune Miku no Nichijō Roipara! )

Amit the slew of Miku figures, I have to admit though it is a good looking one. I do really like the colors and finish used on Miku's dress. The satin silvery shiny finish is really nice and highlights the figure well. The hair does seem abit dull though, and Miku enlarged (dilated?) pupils do give a figure a kind of "vacant" look.

One for the fans maybe? I'll pass, I already have a nendoroid version of miku which i bought just for the moe factor :P

*You can pre-order yours HERE at PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name Miku Hatsune (はつねみく)
Series Character Vocal Series 1: Miku Hatsune
Price 8,800Yen (~SGD$133)
Release Date 2009/11
Specifications Complete painted PVC figure - 1/7 scale - approx 22cm(H)
Sculptor Kenichi Tsumura (Max Factory)
Sold by Max Factory
Distributor Good Smile Company


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