Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alter Fate Unlimited Codes:Saber Lily 1/8 PVC Figure

Jumping on the bandwagon to milk on the success of everyone favourite female knight, Alter has announced that they will be releasing their version of Saber Lily.

I must say that the detailing on the piece as fantastic especially how the folds in her inner skirt is sculpted. What throws me off is 1) the facial expression and 2) her pose. Her facial expression seems to kind and smiley for a sword drawing pose and somehow detracts from the figure. The pose itselfs seems awkward, and poor saber looks like shes going to trip over her own feet any moment (although I'am sure even falling she would look graceful). These 2 factors cause the figure to look like Saber's ready to do a dance rather then draw her sword to chop someone up.

Although I love Saber to bits, I do prefer GSC version of Saber Lily and would probably give this version a miss.

Pre-orders have opened at CSC shops at a pre-order price of SGD$108.
If you are outside of Singapore, you can get yours from PlayAsia Here. They ship internationally

Item name :Saber Lily
Manufacturer :Alter
Scale :1/8, Height 22cm (H)
Material :PVC
Original :Fate Unlimted Codes
Release Date :Oct 09
Retail Price :7800Yen(~SGD$118)


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