Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aoshima Full Metal Panic-TSR M9 Gernsback 'Sagara Sousuke' Ver (Plastic model)

From Aoshima would be coming this toy of the TSR M9 from the Full Metal Panic (2nd Raid) series. I watched the FMP anime and really loved it (i did prefer 2nd season of Fumoffo though..that was Hilarious).

Although I wasn't a big fan of the mecha design while watching the anime, i'am sure fans would love to get their hands on this. Not saying that the design isn't nice, I just find its modernised mecha which reminds me of Virtual-On.... The mecha design sorts of lacks character vis a vis lets say Gurren Lagann :) ... But hey.. thats just me.

From the prototype pics this particular piece does look good with great articulation shown in the legs, nice accessories (i like the monomolecular cutter) and complementing guns(57mm shotgun, 57mm gun).

I would be even happier if this was a gokin(i.e. had lots of diecast), but for $60 a pop, not a bad way to spend your money :)

You get can yours at HobbySearch Here.

Name:TSR M9 Gernsback 'Sagara Sousuke' Ver
Scale:1/48 , 18cm (H)
Retail Price: 3990Yen(~SGD$60)
Release Date July 2009

Heres some pics of the prototype. These are still early prototype pics and final product may be different. If fact ,some sources say the upper body articulation would be even better then what is shown here...


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