Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alter Ikki Tousen Great Guardians- Kakouen Myousai & Ryomou Shimei 1/8 PVC Figure

Alter has announced yet more PVC figures to be announced this year (Arghh my poor wallet!!)
This time its those gorgeous girls from Ikki Tousen. I watched the anime (yes all seasons :P ) and its really is pure violence and fan service. The plot if horrible and the animators try to make it up with gratuitous pantsu shots, over the top cleavage Zoom-In, clothes getting ripped flying everywhere.. Well you get the idea.

I'll just intro both PVCs at one go since
A) I'am lazy and
B) Ikki Tousen girls have been done to DEATH. there are so many out there from so many companies. Almost as many as the number of panty shots in the anime (ok..not SO many)

Kakouen gets the dynamic "kick showing my panty" pose, and this works well for the figure. Facial expression , flowing hair and skintight dress complete the picture. Fairly plain but thats how she dresses in the anime anyone. BUT i have 1 BIG gripe... WHAT IS WITH THE SEAMLINES JOINING THE ARMS TO THE BODY??? Omg, Alter, you could have done much better then that. Those seamlines are very obvious and just cuts the figure up.. Alter messed up for this one.. too bad, you can't win them all.

Ok on to the next one, ryoumou is wearing her signature maid outfit and this is done really well on the figure. Good detailing down to the silver buckets on her hands/shoes to the small silver cross in front of her ample chest. The handcuff is also a really nice touch and really rounds the figure off well. Alter rakes back 1 point for this nicely done figure of Ryoumou.

Overall not too bad releases from Alter, however Ikki tousen fans who are used to cast-off feature would be disspointed because these 2 are not cast offs. So no naughty bits for you :P

Have a look at the pics below and see if one tickles your fancy.

*Pre-Orders have already opened at some CSC shops. PO price is SGD$95 each. (not too bad)

Kakouen Myousai
Specs Product name Kakouen Myousai
Price 6,800Yen (~SGD$102)

Release Date 2009/10

Dimemsions 1/8 scale, approx 20cm(H)

Ryomou Shimei

Specs Product name : Ryomou Shimei
Price 6,800Yen (~SGD$102)

Release Date 2009/10

Dimemsions 1/8 scale, approx 20cm(H)


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