Sunday, June 14, 2009

Revoltech Queen's Blade- Leina

Introducing a brand new addition to Kaiyodo's ever-growing Revoltech family, it's the Revoltech Queen's Blade toy line that features hyper-articulated action figures of characters from Hobby Japan's popular visual combat book franchise!

Launching the series is none other than the nomad warrior Leina offered as this 13cm figure with 20 points of articulation to allow for a myriad of action poses. Sculpted by Ooshima Yuuki, Leina comes with her sword and sheath, shield, interchangeable damaged armor, a pair of optional hands, and a display base with joint arm to assist with dynamic poses.

This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists.

For vid view, see :

You can get yours from PlayAsia HERE


  1. Love the articulation and "break away" armour. Not so hot on the face. Nonetheless, cannot wait to get mine from my pre-order with La Tendo!


  2. Somehow I the first thing that comes to mind when I see this revoltech.. is OBSCENE :P

    I think the megahouse ones are sculpted much better.. but of course the price is also different

  3. You might want to use macro mode when taking pictures of figures. That way, you won't get blurry results. ;p