Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toy Carnival @ SAM- 5th July 2009

Mark this date on your diaries- 5th July 2009
Why? cos thats when the inaugural Toy Carnival (i think its the first..but i may be wrong) is going to be held. There will be 30 stores there selling TOYS and colics collectables.

The organisers also promise free toys and comic giveaways and Most importantly BARGAINS galore. heres a cute promo video to promote the event

Its going to be held at the Singapore Art Museum., which is great!! Since you can go and tell your other half that you are going to admire ART!! :P

*Update 28 June 09

Here's a list of vendors attending this Toy Carnival which is happening on the 5th July at the Singapore Arts Museum.
- Action City
- G & B Comics
- Hing Hing Toyz Crazi | Toyz Crazi Annex
- Lancashire Marketing Pte Ltd
- Ng’s Collection
- Passion Marketing Pte Ltd
- Rapid Culture
- Simply Toys
- The Falcon’s Hangar Pte Ltd
- Toystar
- Xeno Hobbyworkz
- Vincent Collection

Besides this list there would be alot of side events and also independant stalls that would carry other items and collectables.

Terms :Cash on Delivery (NETS is NOT cash)

Hope to see you there!!

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