Thursday, June 25, 2009

MaxFactory Figma Magical Girl Nanoha StrikerS- Shamal Knight ver.

Following Signum from 'Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS' comes a figma of one of the Wolkenritter leaders, Shamal. Expected release date is in September 2009.

I think MaxFactory recognises that Shamal is not exactly the 'hottest" character in the nanoha series and therefore have included additional parts intended the recreate the union of reinforce and Yagami. This part mainly being the white hair which you can interchange with your Yagami figma. Even a super mini reinforce is included with Shamal. Some minor gripes though, from the pics, the included reinforce looks HIDEOUS. She looks like shes got no eyes and the sculpt is pretty bad. For the Yagami unison parts, I think Yagami looks much better with her normal brown hair (you can see for yourself in the comparison pic below). Overall, the idea the a good one, but the execution is lacking. They would have been better off bundling a replicasof the pendulum Shamals uses as a device (Klarer Wind), now that would have been cool :)

You notice I don't talk much about the Shamal figma itself. Thats because the figma like the character in the anime is ...forgetable. A supporting character in the anime and this figma will also be a supporting piece for your other figmas if you decide to get her.

My thoughts anyway.

You can get Shamal HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name figma Shamal Knight ver. (しゃまる きしふくばーじょん ふぃぐま)
Series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StikerS
Price 2,800 Yen
Release Date Sep 2009
Specifications Complete painted posable ABS&PVC figure
Sculptor Max Factory - Masaki Asai
Sold By Max Factory
Distributor Good Smile Company

Figma Yagami Hayate Comparison Pic (before and after swopping parts for Unison)


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