Friday, June 12, 2009

Revoltech Gurren Lagann- Arch Gurren Lagann (#70) & Choginga Gurren lagann(#71)

2 more mecha from Gurren Lagann are slated to be released by revoltech next month (July 2009). Revoltech 70 Arch Gurren Lagann and Revoltech 71 Choginga Gurren lagann. for those not familiar with the anime, these are 2 "evolved" forms of gurren lagann which are formed when Simon channels spiral energy to form more powerful incarnations of Gurren Lagann.

Lets have a look at Revoltech 70 Arc Gurren Lagann first.

Revoltech 70 Arc Gurren Lagann

You can read more info on ARC Gurren Lagann HERE

This figure itself is impressive. 17cm stall, this has got to be the tallest revoltech made so far. Though slightly lacking in accessories(basically parts to show special moves, extra hands and a display stand) , the size and excellent articulation would make up for it.

Fans of Gurren lagann should snap this up as it would looks fantastic with earier GL releases.

Height: about 17cm
Release date:July 2009
Retail Price:2400Yen(~SGD$35)
-Replaceable hands × 2
-1 display base

Revoltech 71 Choginga Gurren lagann

And even more impressive would be Revoltech 71 Choginga Gurren lagann (my personal favourite)

More background on Choginga Gurren Lagann HERE

This revoltech just looks plain AWESOME.Sculpt looks fantastic and comes with a bevy of accessories to boot. The drill can be connected to the wrist with a provided connector or attached to the sides of the shoulders. The sunglasses on the chest is removable, and can be held in the hand as a weapon.
If you get just 1 of the newly released revoltechs.. this would be it :)

Height: about 135mm

Release date:July 2009
Retail Price:2400Yen(~SGD$35)
-Sunglasses × 1
-Shoulder spikes × 2
-Replaceable hands × 5
-1 drill connected parts
-1 display base



  1. Hi! This looks like a Lagann mounted on the body of the Lazengann... Does this happen late on the anime? I, ve only gotten to the part where Nia becomes one of the bad guys The figure looks nice... I don't like the glasses I prefere the 070 Arc figure, looks better, but I am not sure about evolutions, I love the original one, but if I had to choose the ONE for me would be the GL that has green steam comming out from it, cant remember the Revoltech figure number

  2. Arc-Gurren actually happens quite early on and you would have seen it already. Choginga happens really later on near the final battle with the Anti-Spirals.
    The one "with the green stream" you mentioned would be revoltech #62, which is gurren lagann in its FINAL form. Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann , which incidentally is what the anime is named after :)

    You can get an idea of the evolution of GL from here