Thursday, January 29, 2009

Studio Half Eye Gaiking the Great and Raiking

The folks at Studio Half Eye are planning to release this absolutely amazing rendition of Gaiking the Great and Raiking. Simply amazing why?? Perfect Transformation and extremely high level of detail on this resin cast figure.

Of course be prepared to pay an amazing price for this amazing figure.
At ¥49,350 (~SGD$835) for the normal version and ¥58,800 (~SGD$996) for the DX version with Panther, my only hope is that I strike the 10mil TOTO to buy this one.

Pics of the Amazingness



Check out this PERFECT transformation

The helmet will come out from the back pack of Raiking!
Look at the amount of detail here.. The horns can be extended to give the complete look
You can now swop out the gaiking hands for raiking hands . Man.. those are beautiful hands



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