Friday, January 30, 2009

Hottoys Ironman Mark III "Sticky Solution"

Well I finally got my hands on the Hottoys Ironman Mark III. Zince got his first (that bugger :P )and did a fantastic toy review already. Considering whether i should do one with a full commentary ...we'll see how i feel this weekend (i'am normally lazy and take ages to edit the video.

Anyways, there are alot of feedback that you get a greasy "sticky: feeling from the torso, spare hands basically all the PVC parts of the ironman. So if you cannot stand that feeling , heres the solution. Tried and tested by ME

1) remove all batteries from your ironman
2) put your ironman (and the spare hands) in a clean part of your Freezer (NO i am not kidding). if your freezer got no space then put in the fridge
3)Take OUT the ironman after 15mins (if in freezer) ...25 min (if in fridge)
4)once taken out you will notice condensation start to form on your ironman.. its normal..dun worry
5) wait around 3mins for your figure to reach room temp and condensation to stop forming
6) use a clean microfiber cloth (or tissue paper if you dun have microfiber) and SOFTLY wipe off all condensation
7)leave ironman alone for another 10 mins to allow any vapor you missed to evaporate8)put batteries backVOILA .. not sticky anymore.. (note that depending on humilty and temp of where you keep it.. you may have to repeat this in 6mths to prevent stickiness from coming back)

I learned this neat trick reading it from an article or online somewhere. Its actually for maintaining figures to prevent them from degrading and turning sticky. I have done it for all of my PVC figures and it makes a world of difference.

Happy "non-sticky" ironman

Hope this helps you.


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