Sunday, January 4, 2009

Steel Fairies

Saw this really cute figure when I was trolling the internet for latest toys.
Don't be mislead by the name though, they are made of vinyl and not diecast. At around SGD$66 for, not to pricey for a new figurine.The shop ships overseas via EMS so that is good.
Do search around the net though if you really want to buy, i am sure there are cheaper alternatives/stores having sale out there. Google is your friend :)

Quote(from tokyocube store) "
Just out from Kaijin, here is the awesome new Steel Fairies character figure. Not only is this an exciting new release, but this particular edition is the Fewmany exclusive made available to the Japanese market as well as a very limited number through Tokyocube for overseas customers. Produced to a super limited run.
Designed by Kaijin
Fewmany exclusive
Limited to 100 worldwide
Window boxed

Some other Steel Fairies

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