Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aoshima 1/72 scale ALIENS drop ship

Aoshima brings us a gorgeous completed, die-cast model of the drop ship that featured so prominently in Aliens. Weapons pods all move, gear raise and lower, and the APC can be stored in the opening cargo bay for quick deployment exactly as seen in the movie! This version comes with a figure of the Alien Queen.

Die-cast metal, completed model of the armored personnel carrier that featured in the movie Aliens. Wheels turn, and the gun turret on the back moves up and down on its rails, and pivots. Fits inside the Dropship (sold separately) for quick-deploy action as seen in the movie. This version comes with colonial marine figures.

For a quick video review of both, see:

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  1. Are you selling it if no tell me were you got it from