Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pre-orders open for the funny demon girl-Aludra 1/8 PVC Figure

A quick update on this figure. I know the correct name for her now..Aludra
Made by Megahouse under the Excellent Model 1/8 PVC Figure – Core Queen’s Blade P-10 series.
Pre-orders are now open from some shops in singapore. Price is SG$82, which is not too bad to give yourself a snigger.

I still find the figure hilarious. :)

Oh yeah. This is a cast off figure as well, so you can strip off her top and have a look at your naughty bits if you want.... Heres a shot of her oppai (NSFW.Above 18 only)

You can get yours from Play-Asia. Just do a search on Aludra and she'll come up


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