Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hot Toys Mini Cosbaby - AVPR

AVP-R - 3 inches HOT TOYS Cosbaby mini figures

- Each cosbaby stands 3 inches tall, featuring your favorite ALIEN, PREDATOR and PredAlien with its unique designs from the movie.

There is
- Alien
- Battle Damaged Alien
- Wolf Predator
- Ancient Predator
- Predator
- PredAlien

They are all snap kits with joint articulations and has removable weapons

However, their stability to stand on display is not that great as its top heavy and the weapons don't really seems to fit nicely on the hands.

What i did was to place bluTack on the hands, mask and feets to keep them in place while on display. It works great!!!

I guess these Sets are fun for display if you are a die hard Alien/Predator fan. Its a must get.

But in terms of play value... too fragile for me....


You can get yours at any of the convenience local favorite stores at CSC Singapore.

Outside Singapore... ebay is another good choice to hunt them down..


  1. hi.. may i know where to buy this alien cosbaby mini figues. Please reply me to scmh74@yahoo.com

  2. Please let me know where to get this cosbaby alien mini. Thanks.