Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gun Clock

Came across this interesting toy when i was out today.
Its a GUN Clock.. yes thats right.. a clock with a gun

Apparently you can set the alarm and when the alarm rings the target FLIPs up from the white base. You grab your gun (NO the toy gun ..not the other one.. :P ) and shoot at the target. If your groggy eyes can aim and your shot hits the target. The target flips down and the alarm stops. Quite interesting i guess.... I didn't get a chance to test the alarm though so i don't know how loud it is.

Another mode is a Game mode the clock has. You press the bottom on the base and the target flips up. When the light at the bullseye of the target lights up you shoot the target. Objective is to get the fastest time to hit the bullseye. I tried this 3 times and the gun seems quite accurate (i was standing only like 0.5M away though.. HEY it was Crowded...)

Overall constuction of the clock/toy seems good. Good plastic used and overall the thing looks quite pleasing to the eyes. Added bonus is that the gun actually has recoil when you pull the trigger.. a nice touch. The gun works on infraed red (like a tv remote) so no small bullets to lose.

If you are really into it, you can get yours at Action City outlets. The one i saw was at Bugis Junction action city, it was the last piece they had though. At SGD$59.99 , I think i would stick to my trusty handphone alarm....


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