Friday, January 23, 2009


Chun-Li is a video game character created by Capcom . First introduced in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior , she has since appeared as a player character in each subsequent Street Fighter title. Her name is Mandarin, meaning "spring beauty".

An undercover Interpol agent, Chun-Li enters Street Fighter II 's fighting tournament as a way of getting to its founder, M. Bison . She seeks to avenge her father, who was murdered while investigating Bison's crime syndicate , Shadaloo.

Her signature move is the Hyakuretsukyaku Hundred Rending Leg , commonly known as the Lightning Kick ), which involves repeatedly kicking her opponent from a tilted standing position. Chun-Li is notable for being the first female to appear in a single-player fighting game , and has acquired the nickname "First Lady of Fighting Games" among enthusiasts.

Here are the specs of Chun-Li:

  • Stands 300mm tall!
  • Chinese representative martial artist Chun-li from Street Fighter II is faithfully realized in 12-inch action figure format!
  • Dynamic motion of chignon ribbon is perfectly captured!
  • Detailed China dress-based costume, even to its golden line art!
  • Includes various hand parts!
  • Flexible boots, various poses achievable!
  • Newly developed sturdy legs, exclusive for Chun-Li!
  • Using RAH Female Body, maintains both realistic figure and wide articulation range!
  • Includes figure stand
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  1. were could i buy a medicom Chun-li in montreal ?

  2. Normally I would recommend getting from SideShow Collectables if you are in the US. But it seems like they are not stock it :(

    PlayAsia seems to have run out of stock.But you can try reserving one HERE
    Both Sideshow and PlayAsia ships to the US.