Saturday, January 3, 2009

HK Saint Seiyi Myth Cloth Hypnos Hits local Stores

Heres a update on the release of the Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Hypnos.
It has REACHED Singapore stores and you can find you from your favorite shop at CSC.
Heres a little insight on where you can get it and the prices to expect

HK ver Hypnos available at($95) - Ng's Collection
Jap ver Hypnos available at($110-$150)- Mikelz, Toys N Toys and Ng's Collection

Stocks for the HK ver seem to be plentiful(4 whole cartons),so just mosey your way down the shop of your choice to purchase

Will try to do a video review of the Hypnos once i get my video cam up and running.

Meanwhile heres some pics (sorry for the lousy quality, waiting to get a digicam to take some proper pics)

Heres a pic together with his brother Thanatos



  1. the HK version very few shops have le, i went only ng's has it

  2. Not that the stocks finish, is the other shops the stock have not arrived yet. Expect to see the other shops stocking up starting tomorrow