Monday, November 2, 2009

Kaiyodo Mokokiroid Series Lucky Star/Net Idol Meister - Konata

Seems like Kaiyoda is also jumping on the super deformed figures bandwagon and possibly going to start a new line, Mokikiroid. The first of which is going to be a Lucky Star/ Idol Meister crossover having Konata cosplaying in an Idol Meister outfit. This is going to be a PSP game exclusive to be sold at 8190Yen (~SGD$186).

I hope the pics show an early prototype because if you look closely , the quality isn't so good. It seems much less "refined" then the usual quality (i.e. nendo) we are used to. Look closely and you will see revoltech joints beneath her skirt.

Is it me or does it look "a little" like Nendoroids.. Hell even the box looks similar :)

Stay tuned for more info.

Meanwhile, check out the pics.

Credits: gits_sac from SGCOLLECT

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