Friday, November 20, 2009

Animation Asia Conference 2009

Hi Folks

Heres a little update to my trip to the inaugural Animation Asia Conference 2009 today. There were some interesting talks from animation houses from Japan. However as some of the talks were in Japanese, i had to rely on the translation devices provided by the event organiser. The translation was quite bad and the translation came in spurts of hurried mumblings....
On the plus side, the highlight of the day (at least for me) , was a talk by Danny Choo.

Managed to take a quick pic with Danny before he started his talk and get his namecard :)

Also noteworthy a short press preview of some of the celebs who was going be at AFA. managed to take some pics of May'n and Danny. Sadly my camera decided to go crazy a little exactly during this time so my pics are pretty bad. See below for some better pics I found :P

Danny Himself

The Lovely May'N
The following pics from Mr Toffee from gameaxis forums

Overall was a good experience. Now looking forward to AFA 09 tomorrow, which I'm sure will be a BLAST!. Stay tuned for more on that.


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