Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 - AFA09 DWToyspot Coverage Part 1

OK freaking tired after running about the whole day so i think i will keep this short. Woke up early in the morning to go and check out Anime Festival Asia 2009. Reached at around 9.05am and thanks thanks to this
managed to stroll straight in. Then I had around 1 hour to wander around, take pics, checkout deals in peace before the horde rushed in at around 10plus. Here are some pics I took during this time. ( note that these pics were taken with my lousy 8 yr old point and shoot , do dun expect DSLR quality here :P )

Follow me as I wander around AFA 09 alone....

I instinctively headed straight to the Tokyo Figure Show area to check it out..must be all the nendos calling out to me :)
As I was checking out the figures, guess who should come in to inspect on Mirai-Chan.. none other than Danny himself. Of course a pic with him in his trooper outfit was in order.

Then it was off to take pics of the star of the showcase. The figures themselves :)

Mirai-CHAN!!! I had a faint hope that she would be on sale today. But i knew that was impossible. However being one of the first ones to see her in SG i guess is good enuff.
Then i checked out the PVC Figs

Fate Stay Night!! My favourite of the lot :)Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Figmas.. Like these too
Drossel and Lucky Star.. Kawaii
For the sake of keeping this post to a manageable size (and me being friggin tired), I will split up to another installment tomorrow. Check back to DWToySpot for the continuation. Next we will have nendos.. everyone's favourite..



  1. amazing, why I don't live in Japan???

  2. Wow, those figurines are amazing!