Friday, October 30, 2009

MaxFactory BFC-MAX12 Bio Booster Armor Guyver - Zoalord Imakarum Mirabilis

After two and a half years of silence, the 'Bio Booster Armor Guyver' BFC-MAX series is back, and to welcome back the series is the Zoalord equipped with the ability to control gravity and space, Imakarum Mirabilis! Zoalords are the leaders of Kronos. They all have 'Zoacrystals', crystalline structures implanted in their forehead, giving them psychic abilities and greatly enhanced bio-energy. They can tap into these powers to fly and generate energy blasts even without the need to transform into Zoalord battle-form. In one way or another, all can psionically manipulate both gravity and radiant energy, each Zoalord has their own unique powers.

This figure looks incredible, from the intricate designs of the bare white to the gold armor add-on parts, all look detailed and well sculpted. Simply fantastic. Being able to equip and remove the armor whenever you see fit - and even change the head part into its human form are big plus and add lots of play value to this action figure.
Of course you PAY for all the cool design and neat accessories, at 11,800Yen (~SGD$182) its not easy on the wallet.That being said, it is more value for money then Karas from the SOG line as you get more play value with this figure...

See the pics to decide for yourself.

You can get yours HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally and offer free shipping to Singapore.

Product name BFC-MAX12: Zoalord Imakarum Mirabilis (BFC-MAX12 ぞあろーど いまからむ・みらーびりす)
Series Bio Booster Armor Guyver
Price 11,800Yen (~SGD$182)
Release Date 2010/03
Specifications Painted ABS&PVC figure - not to scale - stand included - approx 23cm(H)
Sculptor Max Factory Motion Study Department
Sold By Max Factory
Distributor Good Smile Company



  1. holy shit that looks awesome!do you know if they are doing any other characters?

  2. Maxfactory has previously released a few other Guyver figures.
    You can check it out HERE

    Thought it maybe difficult and/or expensive to track down the older figures. No news yet of any other newer figures but hopefully MF is reviving the series again.

    Stay tuned here for latest news :)