Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MaxFactory Max Gokin Mazinkaiser REISSUE!!

The day many gokin collectors has finally arrived. (or at least me)
There's news that MaxFactory would be re-issuing Mazinkaiser from the Max Gokin line.
This has got to be the nicest rendition of Mazinkaiser out there and prices have soared on the resellers market since its release a few years ago.

It is scheduled to be re-issued January 2010 at a recommended price of 15,540Yen (~SGD$245)

Don't miss your chance to get this wonderful piece as I'm sure the price would skyrocket again after its launch.

I hear cheers all around :).... time to find the nearest shop to pre-order one...

*UPDATE 8 Oct 09: GSC has officially announced the re-issue on their website :) Added some details and pics from their gallery.

Pre-order have already opened at some Singapore shops at CSC. Check out your favourite retailer to PO one today :)

Product name MAX Alloy Mazinkaiser (まっくすごうきん まじんかいざー)
Series Mazinkaiser
Price 15,540 Yen (~SGD$245)
Release Date 2010/01
Specifications Die-cast posable model - not to scale - stand included - approx 20cm(H)(when not holding the Kaiser Scrander)
Sculptor Max Factory
Sold By Max Factory
Distributor Good Smile Company


  1. frakking awesome!

  2. Can anyone tel me where to pre order one???????

  3. Pre-orders have opened in certain shops in Singapore.
    If you are from Singapore can checkout the shops at CSC to pre-order this beauty